AegisLab 2014 security predictions

It's almost the end of 2013, we wish everyone a happy new year. AegisLab conventionally establishes some predictions for information security in 2014. 1. Encrypted communications for Botnet will become a normality Since the computing ability of SoC processors, such as ARM CPU, has become more powerful over the years, the real-time encryption will be […]

Security Alert 2013-09-05:The secrets of Android malware, a true story

Over the last month, many smartphone users in Taiwan received an SMS message concerning personal privacy. The message entitled "You were shot by paparazzi!" and contains a URL, such as hxxp://, to download a malicious APK. AegisLab has analyzed the characteristic of the APK and released the malware signature to our customer at the first time. The […]

Security Alert 2013-07-14:Watch out! Android Master Keys Vulnerability!

Recently, Bluebox Security announced there is a vulnerability in Android that allows a crack to modify APK code and bypass the APK certificate mechanism. The vulnerability is named Master Keys Vulnerability and will be released by Bluebox Security at Black Hat USA 2013. ( After AegisLab analysis, some of Sony and Samsung using Android 4.2 […]