Security Alert 2013-09-05:The secrets of Android malware, a true story

Over the last month, many smartphone users in Taiwan received an SMS message concerning personal privacy. The message entitled "You were shot by paparazzi!" and contains a URL, such as hxxp://, to download a malicious APK. AegisLab has analyzed the characteristic of the APK and released the malware signature to our customer at the first time. The […]

Security Alert 2013-08-23:Facebook scam mail leads to Blackhole Exploit Kit!

AegisLab discovers that many forged Facebook's notices, essentially phishing mails, have been spread. The adversary employed the trick of the social engineering to perform this kind of attacks. It is difficult to distinguish whether the notices are true or not since the contents and the format of the notices are similar to the official ones. […]

Security Alert 2013-07-14:Watch out! Android Master Keys Vulnerability!

Recently, Bluebox Security announced there is a vulnerability in Android that allows a crack to modify APK code and bypass the APK certificate mechanism. The vulnerability is named Master Keys Vulnerability and will be released by Bluebox Security at Black Hat USA 2013. ( After AegisLab analysis, some of Sony and Samsung using Android 4.2 […]

Security Alert 2013-07-08:Be careful with fake browser updating website!(IE、Chrome、Firefox)

AegisLab found a malicious URL:hxxp://,it would detect your browser and redirect you to the fake browser updating website respectively! We discovered there are three types of these fake browser updating websites! AegisLab also found the similar case before:『 安全通報2013-01-03: SEO汙染,瀏覽器更新請注意!! 』,it's not a new trick! Moreover,hackers add instructions and following steps in these fake browser updating websites! IE:hxxp:// → hxxp:// → hxxp://   […]

Security Alert 2013-06-06:Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0 outbreak again!

According to,Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0 infected many websites named "*/linkendorse.html". It often uses large SPAM mails to spread the malicious links! AegisLab also collected many similar malicious links. When you connect to these victim websites,they will redircet you to hxxp:// We can see "Redirecting to Complain details… Please wait…",the sentence is well-known Blackhole Exploit Kit's pattern! For […]