AegisLab WebGuard service integrates blacklist provided by Spam404

   We are pleased to announce that our WebGuard service from now on integrates the blacklist provided by Spam404. Below is the description of Spam404 blacklist.

  "Our blacklist has had a primary focus since the beginning of our first listing. Our primary focus was to list the websites that are offering things for free after the user completes an offer but after the offer the user soon finds out it was just a scam and the thing they're supposed to get for free was to encourage the user to complete the offer. We noticed that websites hosting these scams are not actively blacklisted and therefore we made it our aim to blacklist as many of these abusive websites as possible to allow internet users to be aware of the scams."

  With such integration, we believe AegisLab WebGuard service can extend more coverage in phishing and scam site detection. Thanks Spam404!

by AegisLab Team.

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